Harley-Davidson® Rain Gear MotorClothes®

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Harley-Davidson® Rain Gear MotorClothes®

If you are from New Jersey, you know about that rain and snow that comes every year. If you ride a Harley-Davidson®, it is important to stay both comfortable and safe on the road regardless of the weather. Harley-Davidson® produces some of the best Rain Gear MotorClothes® in the market today. If you are around Rochelle Park or around the areas of Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey, you should stop by Bergen County Harley-Davidson® dealership so we can assist you in finding your new Rain Gear or MotorClothes®.

Harley-Davidson MotorClothes®

Harley-Davidson® Rain Gear: A More Comfortable Ride

If you’re heading out on the road being prepared is an important element of your safety. A sudden downpour can leave you soaked, and if you’ve still got riding to do that can turn into a painful and dangerous experience. Our selection of Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® available here at Bergen County Harley-Davidson® provide superior rain protection so you’ll always be ready for the sky start pouring. The First element that makes these MotorClothes® more effective is the waterproofing of the material, which exceeds industry standards by nearly three times to provide long term protection when the roads get wet. Not only are these MotorClothes® more resistant to rain on the outside, but they’re more breathable on the inside, meaning you won’t feel like you’re wrapped in a sweaty plastic bag by the time you’re done thanks the micro pore construction. HD® Rain gear is made to last as well, thanks to the sturdy design and construction. Our rain gear is made with fully seam sealed stitching and double taped seams in high stress areas of your gear. Additionally, to make sure you don’t melt your pants on a hot exhaust pipe our rain pants are built with heat shields on the inner leg to keep your gear in good shape for years.

The Right Fit

To ensure you can get your gear on at a moments notice our rain gear is designed to be quickly donned over your traditional riding clothes, so you won’t have to stow your riding jacket when the drizzle starts. The hoods of our rain jackets fit over a full or half helmet so you don’t get rain trickling down the back of your neck, while the wrist cuffs cinch down to provide a tight fit around the wrist of your glove. Our rain pants are made with an adjustable waistband, and stirrups that keep the cuff of your pants down below the top of your boots. HD® gear doesn’t fit just you, it fits in your bike easily, with compatible designs that make them easy to fold up for storage in your bike’s saddlebag.

Time for some New Rain Gear?

If your rain gear has been hanging out in your saddlebags for a few years, then it may be time to get a new set. Most people consider their rain gear as an afterthought to their riding kit, so it gets stored wet, and can quickly develop and mildewy smell. Not only that, but improper storage will wear away at the waterproofness of the material, leaving you with an outer shell that doesn’t really provide any protection at all. Even if you carefully dry and hang up your rain suit after every use, most gear is only going to remain effective for around five years. There are plenty of advantages to our new lineup of rain gear, including high visibility designs, and some pretty cool styles, so come in and check out what we’ve got so you can be ready when the rain comes in!

Whether you want to get your gear and MotorClothes® checked out for safety or you’re interested in finding some new great quality Harley-Davidson® Rain Gear or MotorClothes®, Bergen County Harley-Davidson® has everything you need. Stop by today in Rochelle Park to check out our Harley-Davidson® dealership. We are only a short ride Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey. Our friendly and professional staff are always here ready to assist you will your Harley-Davidson® concerns.

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