Harley-Davidson® Sportster® Motorcycles

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Harley-Davidson® Sportster® Motorcycles for sale in New Jersey

Since the first Sportster® motorcycles rolled out of the Harley-Davidson® factory these great bikes have been providing tons of fun and excitement for American riders. With decades of innovation under their belt, the Sportster® family is now better than ever, and Bergen County Harley-Davidson® is showing off some of our very favorite bikes so you can get a picture of what this diverse group of motorcycles has to offer. Bergen County Harley-Davidson® is proud to serve the areas Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey, so stop by and see us today!

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Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® Sportster®

Riders who want to experience a piece of the history that made Harley-Davidson® great, will love the sweet roadster style of the Sportster® Forty-Eight. This bike is decked out in Harley-Davidson®’s Dark Custom style, with blacked out internal components, and a clean no-frills aesthetic. Harley-Davidson® wanted this bike to be a true callback to the bikes of the late 40’s so they’ve added retro inspired stop/turn/tail lights, and old-school Hard Candy Custom™ paint jobs to the peanut fuel tank.

Harley-Davidson® Superlow® Sportster®

If maneuverability and handling are your top priority in a bike, the Sportster® Superlow is a great place to start your search! Harley-Davidson® started by lowering the seat to 25.5 inches, so new riders have a lower, easier to control center of gravity when they throw their leg over. The newly designed front end features advanced steering angles, which work with the 18” front wheel to create outstanding low speed maneuvering characteristics. Also outfitted with the advanced Foundation Brake System, this bike will have a novice rider hitting the highway with confidence.

Harley-Davidson® 1200 Custom Sportster®

If you’re looking for heavy hitting Harley-Davidson® power in the Sportster family, then you’re sure to love the 1200 Custom. This bike features a 1200 cc Evolution® engine at it’s heart. Rubber mounted, and equipped with fuel injection, the engine of this bike provides smooth torque as soon as you twist the throttle, and requires less routine maintenance than it’s predecessors. To ensure a smooth interaction with the road, Harley-Davidson® has outfitted the 1200 custom with a beefy 39mm front fork, with a rear emulsion shock. To keep you comfortable while you ride, this motorcycle features a one piece two up seat, and forward mount controls so when you pull out onto the road you can kick your feet up and feel the freedom.

Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ Sportster®

The Iron 883 is a perfect example of Dark Custom style gone wild. This bike is driven by an 883 cc Evolution engine, blacked out to match the surrounding components. The front end of this bike features a machined nine spoke wheel, and front fork cartridge dampening for sturdy, responsive handling. The tuck and roll solo seat on the Iron 883 adds to the lone wolf look, and provides outstanding comfort on a long ride.

Harley-Davidson® Sportster® Motorcycles for sale in New Jersey

Whether you’re interested in the blacked out style of the Iron 883, drawn to the smooth riding power of the 1200 custom, excited for the easy riding accessibility of the Superlow, or looking to hop on a retro style bike like the Forty-Eight, there is tons to choose from in the Sportster® family from Harley-Davidson®. Bergen County Harley-Davidson® is proud provide these great bikes to the areas of Rochelle Park, Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey. Stop in and see us today and let our knowledgeable staff answer any questions you have about our awesome selection of Harley-Davidson® Sportster® Motorcycles for sale!

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