Harley-Davidson® Reflective MotorClothes®

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Harley-Davidson® Reflective MotorClothes® at Bergen County Harley-Davidson®

Regardless if it is raining or it is nighttime, we want all riders to be safe out on the streets and highways. A big part of this is to be seen and protected from the elements. Here at Bergen County Harley-Davidson®, we wanted to provide you with some safety information to insure that you are safe when riding. Whether it is weather protection equipment or just looking for some better reflective gear, our Harley-Davidson® dealership can assist you with all these matters. We are located in Rochelle Park near Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey.

Harley-Davidson® 3M Reflective Gear

Harley-Davidson® is committed to improving your ride in every way, and one of the most important things we can do is help you stay safe when you ride. That’s why Harley-Davidson® has partnered with 3M to make the brightest, most visible reflective riding gear you’ll find on the road. The difference between other reflective material and our 3M Scotchlite reflective material is the retro-reflection technology in Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes®. While standard reflective gear scatters light and only directs a small amount of the incoming light back at the source, our Scotchlite reflective material directs illumination directly back at the source, allowing drivers to see you more clearly, and from farther away.

Visibility Head to Toe

Here at Bergen County Harley-Davidson® we want to help you find the riding gear that will keep you comfortable and safe, and fit your style at the same time. We carry a great selection of high visibility gear that will help you stand out on the road, and stand out in a crowd. Check out our reflective leather jackets with the fierce style of a Willie G. skull on the back, or try on one of our more traditional jackets with wide, easy to spot swaths of reflective patches and piping. If you want to take reflectivity beyond just a jacket, then check out our high visibility riding gloves and reflective riding pants.

Superior Weather Protection

When it gets rainy, foggy, or generally just wet outside, remaining easy to spot while you ride becomes doubly important. To make sure that you’re as visible as possible when you need it the most pick up a full rain suit and enjoy the benefits of outstanding weatherproofing for a comfortable ride, and get the added bonus of outstanding reflectivity. No matter what the conditions are, or what your style is, you can find the Harley-Davidson® riding gear you need to keep you safe and comfortable when you ride here at Bergen County Harley-Davidson®!

We hope this information was able to help you understand the importance of motorcycle safety. If you are in need of reflective gear or any weather protection equipment, you can always visit Bergen County Harley-Davidson® in Rochelle Park near Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey. Just need some more information. We are here to serve! Just give us a call and our professional and educated staff will assist you with all your concerns to insure that you continue to ride the streets safely.

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