Commuter Accessories for Motorcycle

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Commuter Accessories for Motorcycle Commuters

If you’re looking to break the monotony of the commute and inject your day with a little bit of adrenaline, one of your best options is to start commuting by motorcycle. Commuting by motorcycle is exciting and invigorating and it helps to get your morning off to a good start. But it’s not just fun—it can also save you some money on gas and insurance, and it will make your coworkers jealous!

If you do a little bit of research, commuting to work by motorcycle can be fun in just about any weather and under almost any circumstances. Here at Bergen County Harley-Davidson®, we’ve created this list of some of the best accessories out there for riding so that you don’t have to do any guesswork. Stop by our dealership and showroom if you have any further questions!

Harley-Davidson Accessories

All-Weather Riding Wear

The key to comfortable riding in any weather is having the right gear. The best choice is usually a rain-proof set of outerwear that can be worn over your normal office outfit. You can try to find a coat and matching pants that are wind and waterproof, but one of your best choices would be a one-piece all-weather riding suit. Suits like this allow you to simply step in and zip the suit up around you. The suit then provides seamless protection against the elements, and when you get to your destination, you can simply unzip and step out. Of course, remember to buy boots that meet with your pant leg if you don’t want to get cold ankles.

Top-Side Box

There’s some disagreement in the motorcycle community about what is better, a top-side box or saddlebags. For the purposes of commuting, top-side boxes really shine. While saddlebags provide a classic look and some useful storage, they aren’t perfect. They make the bike much wider which makes it feel bulkier and harder to maneuver through tight traffic. Saddlebags often don’t contain enough space to hold a traditional helmet, either. A top-side box can usually hold your helmet, gloves, and maybe a few other accessories while keeping that storage space out of the way. And while some complain that top-side boxes cause issues in a bike’s aerodynamics, the reality is this is a relatively minimal effect at the lower speeds involved in commuting.


Windscreens may not give your bike the exact look you’re going for (or maybe they do! That’s fine too!) but they’re indispensable for commuting. You want to get to work feeling invigorated and refreshed, not exhausted and depleted. A windscreen will lessen the amount of work you have to do with your core and arms to keep yourself upright. It will also deflect wind and water so that they can’t sap your energy with their chill.

Alarm/Tracking Devices

If you start commuting, you’ll automatically be exposing your motorcycle to a new collection of would-be thieves it never would have faced otherwise. That’s fine, though, if you are willing to invest in the best modern security devices. A high-quality motorcycle alarm can make the difference in stopping a thief. These devices not only draw attention to the thief, they also make it much more difficult for the thief to concentrate on the difficult work he has to accomplish. Tracking devices are another example of helpful modern technology that can keep your bike safe. The basic premise of a tracking device is that it’s a small piece of hardware that sits in an inconspicuous location on your motorcycle. After a thief steals your motorcycle, the tracking device starts sending back a GPS pin for your bike’s location. With the help of the police, you can get your bike back before you know it!

Neck Protection

One of the tricks about riding you quickly figure out is that any exposed skin will chill quickly, and the neck is one of the places you’ll most want to protect. Having some sort of large collar or other neck protection is extremely helpful. A balaclava can be worn under a helmet and pulled down to the neck, and a scarf can be wrapped tightly around the neck. But make sure to tuck your scarf in tight or be prepared for it to unravel and cause a major distraction.

Commuting on a motorcycle is much more fun than driving, so why not try it for yourself? With a few pieces of equipment, you’ll be on your way. If you’re looking for high-end riding gear, parts, or accessories, stop by Bergen County Harley-Davidson®. We’ll do our best to make sure you have everything you need for a great commuting experience. We’re conveniently located in Rochelle Park, near Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey.

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