The Sportster® Iron 883™

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The Sportster® Iron 883™

The Sportster® family of bikes by Harley-Davidson® is one of the legendary company’s most iconic lines. Quick, versatile, and eye-catching, the Sportster® is known as being one of the most accessible and fun bikes around, and the Sportster® Iron 883™ is the Sportster® ethos distilled into one flawless ride. Its powerful Evolution engine offers an astounding power-to-weight ratio, and excellent suspension design makes this one of the smoothest riding bikes around. Take one for a test ride today at Bergen County Harley-Davidson®, located Rochelle Park, New Jersey. We have a broad selection of new and used Harley-Davidson® bikes, and we proudly serve the areas of Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey.

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Engine Power

The true powerhouse at the heart of the Sportster® Iron 883™ is a rugged, efficient Evolution engine. This incredible engine is the result of decades of refinement and it’s the direct descendant of legendary engines like the Ironhead and Shovelhead. With 883 cc of cylinder displacement, the engine offers plenty of raw, snarling power. Fewer moving parts means fewer broken pieces, and the air-cooled design could practically survive battle and still keep rolling. It’s also fuel-injected for excellent efficiency, and the aluminum heads make it lighter weight and better at dispersing heat quickly. Since it’s rubber mounted, the 883 Evolution transfers minimal vibration to the frame and the rider. This makes for fast, easy rides that don’t leave you worn out when you stop. With blacked-out components, powder coated cylinders, and an old school round air filter, this engine looks almost as good as it performs.

Tires, Brakes, Suspension

With all that power you’ll need some serious braking and handling gear, too. The Iron 883™ features the foundation braking system. The 300mm brake rotors provide plenty of surface area for the 34 mm calipers to grip while also being specially milled for quick cooling. The all-aluminum integrated rear master cylinder uses a reservoir to provide continuous stopping power, and the braided steel lines resist cracking and leakage. Up front, the brakes are built around a floating rotor design which looks great and provides excellent performance. Without grip from the tires, those brakes wouldn’t be much use. To solve this, Harley® turned to Michelin Scorcher tires that offer superb grip and durability. For suspension, the Iron 883™ features lowered front and rear suspension that sits 760mm high for hard turns and comfortable riding wherever the road takes you.


The Sportster® Iron 883™ stands out from the pack, whether parked next to the curb or roaring down the road. The big 3.3 gallon fuel tank gives you plenty of ride time while offering a classic look familiar to all fans of the Sportster® family. Drag style handlebars sweep back with a low-profile look that is meant for speed. Most of the components on this sinister bike are blacked out powder coating and matte or glossy finishes. A custom paint job really pops on the Iron 883™ thanks to its minimalist, stripped down design that promotes subtle detail over gaudy opulence. This is a bike with little chrome, minimal trim, and almost nothing extraneous. LED lights and smaller gauges give small pops of color in front and back, and the big headlamp gives plenty of light to illuminate the road ahead. This bike turns heads at any speed.


As a member of the historic Sportster® family, the Iron 883™ is every bit the legend as its older siblings. You can only understand the power, handling, and distinctive styling when you take one for a ride yourself. Check out the Sportster® Iron 883™ today at Bergen County Harley-Davidson® in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. Our location is convenient for residents of Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey. Give us a call today!

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