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Customizing a Sportster​​​​​​​®

Getting a new motorcycle is exciting, but it’s even more exciting when you can customize it to your own style, preferences, and needs. The Harley-Davidson® Sportster® is one such bike that almost begs to be modified. While these motorcycles are amazing by themselves, you’ll really get the most out of them when you make a few changes, as this bobber look can take on a diversity of styles. Continue reading to learn more about the incredible options a Sportster® offers, and when you’re ready, bring it on into Bergen County Harley-Davidson® to get new accessories put on your ride. We’re in Rochelle Park, NJ, serving riders from Clifton and Newark, New Jersey.

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Make it Fit Your Size

Most serious riders know that a Harley-Davidson® Sportster® is built to ride smoothly for just about every preference, but you can always do a little more to make your position more comfortable. This is an easy fix with some of the new accessories from Harley-Davidson®. For instance, the Tallboy is perfect if you feel a little cramped when you ride. This set up extends the handlebars, allowing you to ride comfortably without having to scrunch up just to hold the controls. The Tallboy seat has a similar function. It lifts you up a little bit so you can stretch your legs out a little while riding. Add a foot peg extender along with that, and you’ll take a lot of stress off your knees. Conversely, if you feel like everything on your bike’s just a little out of reach, you can get cozy too with a Super Reach set up. This one brings the handlebars a little closer, so you won’t feel overextended, while the Super Reach Solo Seat drops you down a little lower. That way, you’ll comfortably rest your feet on the footpegs in a comfortably proportionate posture.

Improve the Performance

You know Harley-Davidson® is alway ready with some great upgrades for their dominant motorcycles. With the Sportster®, which is their longest running motorcycle line, this is especially true. They’ve had plenty of time to experiment with the designs, doing things that no one ever thought possible on two wheels. This results in awesome power, and they’re knack for innovating also extends to the customization options, which can ramp up your speed and torque to whole new levels.

With brand new Sportster®, Harley-Davidson®’s new Screamin’ Eagle® performance upgrades are some of the best out there. They offer improvements with components like the Heavy Breather Performance Air Filter, Milwaukee-Eight block, or even Stage I, II, III, or IV torque kits!

Make it Fit Your Style

Finally, one of the main reasons you ride a Harley® is for its look. Nothing connotes toughness, grit, and dominance like one of these bikes, so why not take it up a notch with a few modifications on your Sportster®? While it might take a bit of work and research to get that perfect design, for true gearheads, that’s part of the fun! You can go for specific styles, as Sportster® transfer easily to scrambler, bobber, or chopper looks. The scrambler design can be achieved with some knobby tires and straighter handlebars, while choppers are constructed by adding ape hanger handlebars and chopped fenders. No matter what you want to do with your ride, the Sportster® offers virtually endless possibilities for customization.

While you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with your Sportster® the first time you open the throttle, if you want a bike that’ll ride like your dream bike for years to come, you should consider customizing it with a few practical changes. Here at Bergen County Harley-Davidson®, we offer plenty of accessories and components from Harley-Davidson®, so feel free to come deck your bike out here. Our dealership’s in Rochelle Park, near Clifton, Hackensack, Newark, Ridgewood, and Paterson, New Jersey.

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